About Harbor Hemp

Trust the lighthouse.

Founded in 2018, Harbor Hemp Company™ is a family-run wellness brand based in New England. We specialize in crafting small batch, natural hemp products and are proud to be one of Connecticut’s first licensed CBD manufacturers with a current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) certification

Our Mission

When it comes to personal health and wellness, we believe that you have the right to Navigate your own courseHarbor Hemp’s mission is to be a beacon of trust in a sea of CBD confusion. Since 1936, our family has been sourcing oils and plant extracts to develop world renown beverage flavors, concentrates and emulsions. And today, we’re leveraging generations of industry knowledge and expertise to create the highest quality and safest hemp-derived CBD products on the market.

Our Process

Our grandfather taught us to always source the best ingredients and to know where they come from. That’s why our hemp is sourced from top US growers, using the most advanced extraction processes. Harbor Hemp CBD products are developed in our licensed and certified Connecticut facility using the strictest internal controls, procedures and documentation. And before coming to market, each batch is independently tested for quality and purity.

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