Being on the LPGA Tour requires a lot of practice and playing. When you combine this with travel, I found my body aching a lot more than when I was in college. I just started using the Harbor Hemp Zero THC CBD Pain Cream. Not only does my body feel better, but most importantly, by being less sore, I can spend more time practicing.

Haley Moore
Professional Golfer, LPGA Tour

Lisa Lindy, Harbor Hemp Company Brand Ambassador, Runner

Harbor hemp helps keep my body feeling good with all of the miles that I run. Their CBD Pain Cream helps my legs recover from grueling back-to-back training sessions, and since I’ve started using it I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in stiffness and inflammation. I’m also a big fan of their Water Soluble CBD Drops, adding a dose of CBD to my water bottle for long runs. And my dog, Oliver, loves his Harbor Hemp CBD Pet Treats, too!

Lisa Lindey
Ultra Runner & Certified Nutrition Coach

Playing sports for many years, including standing on the practice tee for 30 years, has put a lot of extra pressure on my feet and my knees. Harbor Hemp’s Zero THC Oil and Pain Cream has helped ease my pain and improved how I get my 6-foot-7 frame around on a daily basis. I have tried many products over the years from magnets to other pain relievers without much luck. Harbor Hemp has been exactly what I had hoped for and more.

Dave Tiedemann
Head PGA Professional, Shelter Harbor Golf Club

Harbor Hemp CBD oil and Harbor Hemp’s pain cream is a godsend. I’m so glad I have it to cure the aches and pains of everyday life. It has been integral in my golf recovery for the past year. I urge everyone to use it for everyday aches and pains!

Garren Poirier
2020 Vermont Amateur Champion and 2018 & 2019 Vermont Mid Amateur Champion

As a former collegiate and professional athlete, the miles of competition are now being felt throughout my body. I am grateful for the team at Harbor Hemp and their incredible CBD products because they’ve made me feel youthful again. My body and mind have never been healthier thanks to Harbor Hemp.

Donny Marshall
Retired NBA Player and College Basketball TV Analyst

Linday Hoskins PGA

As a golf professional, I’m on my feet all day, every day, and I also work out at the gym at least four days a week. My body and joints are overworked and sore, but Harbor Hemp CBD Pain Cream helps alleviate this pain. I still love to play golf, but since I don’t play as much as I used to, confidence in my game is something I have a hard time with. The first tee jitters are a big problem for me, and their CBD Seltzer helps me relax and focus on timing, resulting in much better shots. Thank you Harbor Hemp for pain relief and keeping me calm on the course!

Lindsay Hoskins
PGA Professional & Topgolf Las Vegas Director of Instruction

Rick Dowling

In golf, the time spent walking, practicing, training and competing adds up quickly and strains my mind and body. Throw in the wear and tear of everyday life and it’s tough to stay fresh. Harbor Hemp’s Zero THC CBD pain cream is my go-to, helping me remain active, feeling good and performing at my best.

Rick Dowling
2020 Russell C. Palmer Cup Champion, 2017 & 2019 Connecticut Amateur Champion and 2019 Connecticut Amateur Player of the Year

Traveling, training and playing can take such a toll on the mind and body. Before using Harbor Hemp, I was never fully able to shut off my mind and relax. Their Zero THC oil really helps calm me down and has been my best tool to reduce anxiety and help with recovery.

Norman Xiong
2017 Walker Cup Team & 2018 Fred Haskins Award Winner

I am thankful to have come across Harbor Hemp’s pain cream. I use it every night to help ease the aches and pains from everyday life and would recommend this product to everyone looking for a natural way to assist in managing their discomfort.

Kyle Gallo
Four-time Connecticut Open Champion & golf coach

I’ve been using Harbor Hemp’s ZERO THC oil and pain cream for months now and the results have been amazing! Not only is my recovery after training quicker, but I feel more mentally focused and rested.

Leah Biron
New England Golden Gloves Champion

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