Meet Harbor Hemp Brand Ambassador: Rick Dowling

Meet our newest brand ambassador, Rick Dowling!

Who is Rick Dowling

Rick is the 2017 & 2019 Connecticut Amateur Champion and 2019 Connecticut Amateur Player of the Year. Join us June 22-26 as we cheer on Rick (and Harbor Hemp co-founder, Glen Boggini) at this year’s Connecticut Amateur Championship.

What Rick says about Harbor Hemp Company’s CBD

In golf, the time spent walking, practicing, training and competing adds up quickly and strains my mind and body. Throw in the wear and tear of everyday life and it’s tough to stay fresh. Harbor Hemp’s Zero THC CBD pain cream is my go-to, helping me remain active, feeling good and performing at my best.

Favorite Harbor Hemp Products: Zero THC Pain Cream

ZERO THC PAIN CREAM: Our  Zero THC CBD Pain Cream is infused with a soothing eucalyptus scent and provides quick relief from pain and inflammation. Each bottle CBD Pain Cream contains 350mg of CBD formulated from 99% pure CBD isolate.

Have questions about Harbor Hemp or CBD?

Our team of CBD specialists is always here to answer your questions about our line of small batch CBD products or CBD. Just drop us a line.

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